Best Backpacker Tips

Australia is a geared for young people who want to backpack there are lots of accommodation and tours that are specifically aimed at the young traveller.

Our Best Backpacker tips will be updated constantly to ensure you have the best time in Australia

To Travel is to Live!

So come on Dream, Explore and Discover your World you want to be sure when you are old you have some great stories to tell your grand kids !

Number 1 you will need a passport

2 Unless you are an Australian or New Zealand Citizen you may will need  a visa to enter Australia click here to find out more

 3 Plan your holiday

 4 Find some cheap flights

5 Travel Insurance

6 Prepare for travel

7 About the backpack

Its a good idea to get a medium or small backpack (45-60 litres) spare a thought for your back remember the bigger the backpack the more it weighs

When choosing your backpack zips and straps need to last your travel distance so look for tough ones

Things to do before your start your travels

Before you set out on your travels its a great idea to scan your important documents and keep a copy with someone at home as well as on your phone, computer etc – this can save you a lot of heartache if you loose any items

If you are planning to scuba dive in Australia and lets face it we do have the Great Barrier Reef and Ningaloo Reef don’t forget your scuba dive log book and your certification card


Working in Australia

Australia has a high pay rate and for young people who are eager to work and travel around Australia its a great way to learn about our culture and help pay for your trip.

Do you want to travel and work your way around Australia? if you are a young person aged 18-30 years and would like to work and vacation in Australia for up to a year you may be eligible for a working holiday visa (the word holiday in Australia means the same as vacation)

A working holiday visa is a great way to explore Australia find out more by clicking visit for work

Do you need Travel Insurance?


Find out how much you are spending in your own currency click here for currency converter

Emergency Numbers in Australia

For fire, police and ambulance in Australia dial 000