Its Party time in Cairns

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Party time in Cairns, Cairns in all its glorified warmth allows those of the backpacker’s persuasion to party in Cairns to head out into town long into the night.

In a small town full of like minded travellers who are looking to Party you are bound to find a venue suiting your style and a kindred spirit in which to share it all with.

Just a few streets back from the beach side Esplanade lies the roads that will come to define your nights…and mornings in Cairns, with night life that won’t disappoint make sure you bring a camera because who knows what you are going to remember.

One thing to remember whilst planning to party in Cairns though as you read this is that the Woodshed is where it is at.

Every night of the week this crazy venue hosts different themed nights ranging from Frat Fridays to Wet T-Shirt Wednesdays that is bound to create some ‘fond’ memories for the rowdy crowd that descends upon this highly rated spot.

The Woolshed offers great drink deals like 5 for $10 and cheap single drinks that will get even the most stingy backpacker up on to one of the many dancing tables that at some point in the night turn from eating spot to the place to let go of some steam.

One of the best aspects of going to the Woolshed aside from the knowledge that each night will be something to hang your hat on is the camaraderie that is formed between the backpackers that call this place their home each night.

Everyone becomes your best mate when you have had a few, but imagine seeing those people every few nights, at some point they actually will become some of your best mates.

Ahh the powers of booze and the boogie. So head on down to the Woolshed, get your groove on and down a few pints without blowing a hole in that wallet of yours and become a true part of the Cairns backpacker experience.

The other Cairns Backpacker happening spot in Cairns is of course Gilligans.

Fitted with three areas that will have you on high rotation Gilligan’s offers it all for the partying backpacker.

From the Attic Bar Lounge to the outdoor bar area to the Lagoon Pool decked out with sandy banks Gilligans transforms after dark and at some point becomes heaven on earth for backpackers seeking a rowdy night enjoying jelly wrestling, bogan bingo and gladiator games.

Every night of the week is a night to check out Gilligan’s, oh and don’t forget Australia’s only flying fox bar!

The Woolshed Cairns

There are many awesome bars for Cairns Backpackers to check out around town as well before heading off into the exciting night that is Cairns.

From P.J. O’Brien to the Sugar Hut there is a bevy of places to check out whilst you are in town.

Or join the Ultimate party tour and play in 5 of Cairns great venues Wednesday and Saturday nights

But we are sure the party in Cairns at some point will end up at the Woolshed or Gilligan’s and for good reason.

These two places are a true haven for backpackers.