Our Top 10 Things to Do in Cairns

Check out our Top 10 Things to Do in Cairns below! Cairns really is the best place for a backpacker.

1. Go Scuba Diving on the Great Barrier Reef

No reef in the world comes close to the brilliance of the Great Barrier Reef, one of the 7 Natural Wonders of the world.
You could spend days out on the water and never get bored or have the feeling of repetition wash over you as you ponder the incredible beauty of nature.
Lucky for you, Cairns is the perfect base to explore the Reef.

2. Take Uncle Brian’s Waterfalls Tour

Discover an array of waterfalls and swim through the crater lakes formed millions of years ago. Maybe if you are lucky you could spot the elusive platypus. Whatever you do, don’t miss Uncle Brian’s!

3. Make the Trek to the Daintree

You certainly can’t miss seeing the oldest living Rainforest in the World whilst in Cairns.
The Daintree is an incredibly special place. Housing over a third of Australia’s marsupial and reptile animals. With the greatest concentration of rare plants in the world, the Daintree Rainforest is a must-see.

Cool off in the rainforest creeks or take a tour to see crocodiles on the many riverboats.

You can take a day tour or spend a few days in Cape Tribulation.

4. Lounge out at the Lagoon

What better way to relax and watch the day go by than by finding a cozy spot at the Cairns Lagoon.

Sit back in the surrounding park area and mingle with the locals or cool off in the water. Some days during the week, the local council put on free events. Live music, yoga, Zumba just to name a few!

Relax and rest up here before tackling the rest of the adrenalin-fuelled town of Cairns.

5. Check out the Night Markets

When it comes to preserving the all-important budget, markets are often the place to go for food and other essentials.

Cairns Night Markets are great for a cheap feed a massage. Immerse yourself in some incredible local arts and crafts.

6. Sunday Sesh At AJ Hackett Skypark

This place is so much fun! Set in the Rainforest, it’s only 15 minutes away from Cairns CBD. Have a go at the world’s only Giant Jungle Swing. Bungy Jump from the 50-metre tower. The only place on the planet to have a Bungy Jump menu! Choose from 16 styles – you can even jump off on a BMX!

It’s a great place to enjoy even if you’re not a fan of heights. Every Sunday, there’s a DJ, a live band, cheap drink specials and an Aussie BBQ. It’s heaps of fun just to sit back with a beer, listen to some tunes and watch your mates jump. You can even climb to the top of the tower for free!

7. Go Skydiving

Cairns is one of the best spots in Australia to finally work up the courage and do the unthinkable…Jump out of a plane! With great weather and even better views of places like the Barrier Reef and the Daintree. What better area would you like to look down upon as you descend into freefall?

8. Get Rowdy at Gilligans or the Woolshed

things to do in Cairns party hard at the Woolshed
Woolshed Cairns


Cairns is known as a backpacker’s hot spot. With so many awesome pubs and clubs in town, you’re sure to find something that suits you. Popular with both backpackers and locals you’ll be making new friends in no time. The type of mates that last a lifetime!

9. Soar Above the Rainforest Canopy on Skyrail.

From Kuranda cruise above the mountain tops and take in the amazing scenery as you glide through the Barron Gorge National Park.

The Skyrail places you in an unparalleled position to take in the views of the rainforests, waterfalls and gorges.

It is not to be missed, it is advised you buy tickets in advance.

10. Extreme White Water Rafting on the Mighty Tully River

White Water Rafting down the Tully River is Australia’s most famous White Water Rafting full-day adventure.

An action packed experience filled with fun, thrills and spills on a day you will never forget.

White water rafting on the Tully River in this extreme five-hour white water adventure in remote World Heritage Rainforest. rating down grade 3 and 4 rapids with an unforgettable backdrop.